5 Keto friendly Breakfast Recipes


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  1. I think you are awesome, I was looking different ways to start keto breakfasts, thanks!!!! not sure why people have to give their 2 sh*tty cents comments in these, if you have nothing nice to say, shut it…..Thanks for the tips…..Btw 49 cents avocadoes by me lol 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

  2. No matter how much you try to eat healthy food ,but your cooking pan or pot are not safe you poisonings your body ,your pan with scratches and also Teflon is worse things you can use for cooking , use PFOA and PTFE free .

  3. Girl, you do NOT know how to cook eggs. Those looked mushy and nasty in texture.

    Great rule for cooking is you use the correct sized pan for what you’re making. You don’t use a HUGE pan for some spinach and a few eggs.


  4. I dont care for turkey bacon, but I do agree they have done something to regular bacon the taste has changed so much in the last few years and I know its not just me I have heard this from several people . Cant wait to try the pancakes thanks for doing video

  5. Not sure how Keto these really are and this whole video was giving me anxiety! I couldn’t get past the skillet, the messiness, the egg shell that she didn’t seem to get out the bowl before adding in the other ingredients and all the spilling into the oven! Geesh……

  6. I would never use a none stick frying pan, as you will be adding that Teflon coating to your meal
    You never want to eat regular bacon, as it is unclean and probably will contain trichinosis worms

  7. Honey, your pan is dangerous. Once the non-stick surface is peeling off it's time to toss that thing. You deserve a good pan. Most non-stick have serious drawbacks. Thanks for the recipes.

  8. I just can't watch videos anymore where the narrator constantly uses the phrase, "…we're just going to go ahead and…" I'm 30 seconds in and this lady has used the phrase 3 times. (which are completely unnecessary, redundant and plural. You appear to be alone ). This is a video. We can see what you are doing.

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