5 Ingredient Dessert Recipes | Quick + Easy


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  1. 'Homemade whipped cream' – hihi, to me that's like saying 'homemade glass of tap-water' – I mean, who in their right mind would buy prewhipped cream?! That that is even a product that is sold over the pond is a mystery to me…

  2. Instructions unclear, i grilled the strawberries, made tart with the pineapples, and piled up blueberries on my frozen puff pastry.
    10/10, would definitely try it again.

  3. DomesticGeek : "Hellooo, lovelies"

    Me : "Hellooo, Sunshine".
    ….everytime. Thank you for great and delicious recipes. It's such a joy watching your vids. Wasn't a dessert person, used to adore sweets…but these fruity delights are so for me.

  4. With the puff pastry stacks, instead of using one sheet for top and another sheet for the bottom, use one only and slice it in half. It is surprisingly easy to do, you can almost see a little seam as a guide. You then have little walls that help keep all of your filling from squishing out. This is a old dessert I used to have as a kid growing up in Australia called Match Sticks.

  5. The blueberry tarts look amazing 😍 I’ve been in a pie/tart making mood even though summer just started and I’m already wishing it was fall so I can make sweet potato pie 😂 maybe this will hold me over lol

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