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  1. Randomly stumble upon your video… the music at the end gave me the feeling to go to the gym and I'm dead tired with eyes about to pop out from a long day at work. Thanks girl. I guess I'll make an effort to the gym. Haha.

  2. Definitely trying some of these. I've been trying to find a good healthy meal prep video so thank you! I'm in 8th grade and want to start eating healthier and I figured that meal prep is an easy way to eat healthier! Subscribing 🙂

  3. For the spring rolls & the Greek bowls, do you just eat them cold? I always wonder how people eat their meal preps (ie if they reheat them or just eat them straight from fridge or let them sit out & get to room temp). I feel like you would want the chicken from the rolls hot & the quinoa from the bowls warm but there would be no way to reheat bc they are mixed in with lettuce/cucumbers. Genuinely looking for tips bc they look delicious.

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