5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School! – The Happy Pear


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  1. i love this! 😀 I love those cardboard ones 😀 😀 – great ideas…would definitely use some at uni! I encourage my little brother to do his lunch as I do mine so we can both be healthy!

  2. Over night oats with seeds and chocolate date sauce for a treat for the kids.
    What I did for my best friends kid at times I would take a for he liked and made it vegan. I liked the vegan mac n cheese that I made but some times kids don't like every thing that you make them. Do you make salads for them? Vegan parfaits, protein pancakes and quinoa bowls. They might like that stuff too!

  3. Can't believe some schools don't let any of the other students take in something because some are allergic to it. When i went to primary school, there was people with allergies including a guy with a bad nut allergy and chocolate allergy but the rest of us were still allowed nuts/chocolates in our lunch bags!

  4. Hello,
    I bake my own bread with sour-dough (sauerteig) and spread either butter and honey or tahin and honey. They also love it with a slice of gruyere. Here in Berlin we have somthing called "Apfekkraut" which is a melaza made out of applejuice. My kids love it, specially mixed with home-made wallnut butter. I always slice up a fruit of the season and put it in as a little extra treat.
    best wishes

  5. Thank you both!! Love all the recipes you post as they're simple, fuss-free and delicious!! Lately, we've been toasting sunflower seeds on a hot pan and drizzling with soya sauce as you take pan off the heat. the seeds get lightly covered with yummy salty flavour and once cooled can then be popped in a small container and into a lunch box as a snack. we love them, even the younger, fussier kids! happy days!!

  6. after a day or two of them kicking up and refusing to eat it…they will get hungry and eat it! people who say Oh theyl only eat chips…if that isn't an option they won't starve

  7. You guys are terrific! My kids love black bean soup with brown rice for lunch, and red bell peppers with hummus. They also like the twang of olives and pickles. Haven't tried tahini with them, but this inspires me. Thanks!

  8. My son boycotted McDonalds on his own at the age of 10 and encouraged his friends to do the same. Now 16 he's started on the junk food train…He know about proper nutrition as he has been taught from a young age, any suggestions to turn him around? Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome! Hi from Canada.

  9. I'm 22 two I'll probably make some of these for my own college lunches 😂 Your kids are really lucky to have parents that are so tuned in to healthy eating!

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