5 Healthy & Affordable Lunch Ideas For School!


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  1. I'm literally a mom lol so the day I filmed this, I cleaned the house, I cooked food and I went to the library. I'm not even a mom, I'm an old lady.
    Anyway, thank you so much for watching this video! Also, I'm so confused by this monday to friday thing. In the video, i said something like monday is so close to friday and friday is blablabla i honestly don't know it's so confusing. Who even came up with days? why do we have 7 days a week? why? why not 8? why don't we have a day between saturday and sunday? we should.

  2. vegan chicken sounds so strange… i mean, aren't you supposed not to eat meat at all? i mean, how ever you call it, it is still chicken….

    okay, but i still liked the video, thank you for the ideas, Emma!

  3. thank you for these Videos 🙏 💕I tried once to be vegan but I failed because I had no idea what I could cook but know I wrote all your ideas from your vegan food videos down and will try them out 😇💕

  4. Well in Finland we don't have to buy our school lunch or bring food from home either. We get free school lunch and it's most often at least pretty tasty 🙂

  5. Quality and editing ON POINT!! 😍 All of these look so yummy,and I want to be vegetarian but my mom doesn't let me bc I am only 13 and 7th grade so she said I can be vegetarian when I start high school, don't know why lol. Love youu🌍

  6. My absolutely favourite food is tomato pasta salad(I don't even know how should I designate it) but basically it consist of pasta, spinach, baked cherry tomatoes and pesto❤️ Great video again emma😘

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