5 Easy Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes | Vegan


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  1. This is a serious question why don’t you guys have more subscribers? Because I do hear your guy’s name gets mentioned in every other vegan youtuber’s channel a lot of them have a lot more subscribers than you guys? Since so many channels are inspired by you guys why aren’t you guys the most subscribed channel?

  2. Cool little tip I thought I'd share with you… When you cut the potato vertically down the middle. Instead of pulling it open from the middle of the potato horizontally. Pinch the two ends of the potato together vertically. This opens the potato wide up and also fluffs it simultaneously. Hope this helps.

    🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipes. The breakfast mash and the smoothie bowl look amazing!

  3. I would really love to be able to watch you recipes however I am sick to death of looking at your boyfriend! Couples videos don't work and you can see by the amount of comments you have and I have seen other people complain about him in your threads. There is no point for him to be there and the name of the channel is your name or a single name not we cute little vegans. He should be there at the end to taste the food if you want him to be however he appears to be a domineering man because he can't keep his face out of your videos and you allow it!

  4. Since the pumkin season is approaching I would highly reccomend trying out someof these amazing recipes with sweet pumkin variates like Hokkaido, Butternut or even Kabocha squash!!

  5. The savory sweet potato hash, the sweet potato boats, and the pancakes look amazing! I used to have sweet potato boats for breakfast ALL the time! I'm absolutely obsessed with sweet potatoes, so even a breakfast of just steamed or baked sweet potatoes would suit me well! 🍠🍠🍠

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