5 EASY BREAKFAST RECIPES | healthy paleo + dairy-free breakfast ideas


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  1. Meghan I just subscribed because I lijed your video. I need to loose weight abd I love eggs, really everything 😊. But I'm going to try your recipies. Thks for sharing. Ciao🐝

  2. I made the sweet potato (fake Oatmeal). It was awesome! Didn't have exactly the same items as you but I would totally eat that at breakfast. Used it as a snack today. I did sweet potato, raisins, Apple cubes, cinnamon and almond butter with a splash of milk and maple syrup.

  3. I became so enthusiastic to test the eating plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I didn`t alter my eating routine and did not increase my workout level. More than a period of a month, I lost about 6 pounds. The tactic has let me ate less and becoming full is quicker. .

  4. Hey second tine i go on diet! And after searching many, i think paleo fits better my surroundings and do not cut everything my culture has.

    So its a soft transition my body can assimilate well.
    So i have questions.
    Is there a book i can read?

    I can eat until i am full in each meal?

  5. I've been on a keto diet but I started having painful arthritis in my shoulder. I heard that the paleo diet can really help that if not cure it. Since I've been on the keto diet my sugar is in the normal range. I see that you are fixing things that have a little more carbohydrates on this diet. Do you think this could make my sugar go up?

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