40 Clove Garlic Chicken with SMOKED GARLIC / version of classic French recipe


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  1. i've seen some of your asian recipes and was wondering if you know how to make yang chow fried rice? i've tried tons of recipes from the internet and it never comes out the same as in a proper cantonese restaurant (like the ones in hong kong). it never smells as good… not sure what i'm doing wrong :S

  2. Hey Greg..,I don't have a stove top smoker, if I smoke more garlic that is in the recipe, can I store it for very long?  What flavour of wood chips did you use? I want to make this right away:)

  3. Unrelated to the topic but I was talking to a colleague about how disgusting the tomatoes that are used in cheap canned tomatoes/sauce are and how they are processed. I'm looking for your quote about that but I'm having trouble finding it. If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

  4. I realize you help me break out of my normal life. I at this point know how much I don't know, but my dream of opening and owning my own Pizzeria (Italian food) dream is stronger now than ever before. You are somehow helping me start a new career. Low level and with no talent that is me . But I have fight! Watching and learning ~ Your skills are the real deal and for that I am grateful! For that I buy your books. The best Chef in Russia (my opinion) thank you.

  5. Hey Chef, happy to See a new Video again. can you tell me the difference why u put the pan in the oven instead of cooking it on the stove ? what are the reasons and is there a topic in your book dealing with it

  6. Hey chef! wanted to take a second and tell you how much I appreciate your videos and books. I've been watching your channel for over three years now and I have learned so much: buy spice whole and gring when you cook, INDIAN FOODS thought I would never enjoy the many cuisines but your recipes are bomb. And then from your books: what's going on in maillard reaction, tomatoes chemistry, Russian food history ( this one is especially funny to me cause of some of the things I learned from a semester in China). Thanks chef! what you are doing is awesome and I really enjoy it!

    Also, two questions:
    1) Why do you have a ceramic knife? I've always assumed those were just a gimmick

    2)You use wine a lot in you videos (but really small amounts) I'm always hesitate to get get the wine cause it is expensive and I assume by the time I go to use it for another recipe it will have completely oxidized. Does it matter if the wine oxidizes for the recipes? I know there are products on the market that claim to stop this, do any of them work and are cost effective?

  7. The first time I had this dish was on a small Greek Island, and my group of friends decided as we all wanted to try it we wouldn't be overpowering each other should we be exuding garlic fumes the next day. Contrary to what you think will happen, it doesn't taste of nothing BUT garlic, and if you were served the dish without a title, you'd never believe there were so many cloves in it.

  8. Just knew about volume 4 from this video and have just purchased it. My girlfriend, a vegetable lover, is thrilled! I'm also well enjoying myself currently in volume 1.

    Regarding this recipe, I understand there is no appropriate subsistute for the smoking. But if I were to make this dish without a smoker, is there anything I could do to the garlic before they go in with the chicken that could produce a decent dish?

    Thanks for your work again Chef!

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