4 PASTA RECIPES | Easy Italian Pasta Recipes | Italian Food


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  1. The Best pasta recipes made in Italy! That's a fact. Hi Vincenzos, how r you? I love the way you made this pasta. Such an amazing recipes, and you have so many of them. Bravo my friend. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Caspita, che cibi succulenti, Vincenzo! sei veramente un bravo chef. Spaghetti con le vongole…il mio piatto preferito. Sei ancora in vacanza in Italia? :-)) Pino

  3. Because of the "no meat on Friday" rule, my nan always put tuna fish in with the spaghetti and tomato sauce. I've met so many fellow Italian Americans, who think that's "bizarre". Yet, here it is. 👍

  4. Vincenzo, I have found a new way not to get so hungry by watching your video:
    1. I minimize the screen as small as possible.
    2. I take off my glasses so I don't see your video clearly….
    Cool idea, right?

    Thank you for sharing your video with us.

    PS: I do the opposite way around…. And now I am very hungry!!

  5. yummY! vincenzoooooo, the creamy mushroom was meant for MEEEEE!!!! thanks for sharing, cant wait to try! question: do you think changing up the white wine juice for say, apple juice, would be worth trying? i love trying new flavors, what do you think? grazieeeeee 😀

  6. Yum, the cherry toms look home or farmer market grown. Gotta try the pesto, I always use tom based with my wild shrimp and im not Italian, but I always add lots of garlic, even at the risk of over-powering! Salute'

  7. So intrigued by the pistachio recipe! Will try it ASAP. PS, fresh porcinis are impossible to find where I live. May I reconstitute the dried ones or just use another type of fresh mushroom? Grazie mille as always for the beautiful videos. Cheers maestro 😎🍷

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