4 Indian Special Breakfast Recipes | 4 Indian Breakfast Ideas | Simple Living Wise Thinking


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  1. wow yummy.. m going to try tis recepis today😁😁😁 hope its comes good I don't no cooking😝 but I'll try thankkkkkk you so much for this easy recepis I love it

  2. Thank you so much di for the aloo recipe. Your videos are getting better and better. May I request one more recipe from you as the way you teach makes cooking fee fun and easy. Please teach me any recipe with bhindi. Thank you

  3. Hey payal! Nice recipes! Are u using anodized pan for making toast. Is it good compared to other types of pans? Also what about the steel pan you're using? Is it good? From where did you get it? Also those white bowls ?

  4. Ashadharon. …
    Ekdom ginni mayer moto …

    Sob dik theke tumi atulonio Payal 👏👏👌👌…

    Jemon sundori temni guni 👍👏👏🙇
    Valo theko ,sustho theko …
    Tomar misti meyeke amar onek bhalobhasha r sheno janio … 😍😍

    Ami mail korechi ajker tomar ekta menu baniyechi 😊😊

  5. Hi payal nice tasty recipe I am going to try matar paratha payal i use warm water for kneading the flour I have seen u preparing the dough the dough turn out very soft the steel pan which u are using it does the food burnt or oil stain remain in the pan after deep frying and also does it get clean easily because non stick pan does not last for very long the coating start coming off is it a good alternative of non stick pan and a good steel pan like yours is quite costly I have not use a steel pan but interested in buying ⭐🌟🌟

  6. ❣Hi, Payal, wow, you've a light hand for rolling out these filled breads! You must have done that more than once;-)…I think, there is a healthy adding in every case: a lot of veggies. In the morning I eat fruits only or have a smoothie, but such interesting mixtures are nice for our lunch. What I liked from the beginning of making Indian food was, that chapatis werde made from whole wheat flour. I've a mill and make my own, so I don't use white flour and these flat breads were so easy done, tasty and I even could make them with a small gas cooker when we were on our camping tours. I've so far never filled them…have a very happy weekend and thank you for showing, it really looks easy…if YOU do it:-)). Love, Monika❣

  7. I must say Bengali are very fond of good food they make relish food also i really love your way you make and serve food without any worries and enjoying your cooking also i like that

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