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  1. Angelina – where do you live? I saw some bottles and brands in some of your old videos that are the same as mine over in Qld Aus so I was wondering if you were from here (or if the USA just has the same brands as us)

  2. I swear my body is broken or sum cuz I digest oatmeal so quickly. Like crazy fast less than an hour after I eat a lot of oatmeal but fruit or whatever my stomach will be grumbling like 40 minutes to an hour later. It's so crazy! So I hate eating oatmeal for breakfast. I just digest food very quickly so i don't think I'm actually broken I take it back.

  3. The pan that you are using needs to be “seasoned” (which is pretty much get a paper towel with olive oil and get it all over the pan before and after use). I forgot what they are called but they are great with daily iron intake and it has less chemicals then a normal pan. Although I personally don’t use them I encourage you to do research.

  4. I‘m staying at a hotel over Christmas and they served Chickpea Omelette for breakfast today so I already had my high protein breakfast but these recipes will come in handy when I’m back home.

  5. I ain't even vegan and I'm trynna eat like this. Do you have any food ideas for weight loss (sorry if this is a touchy topic. I'm basically trying really hard to eat healthy. Since today I was abruptly hit with the fact I'm extremely obese. )

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