4 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas


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  1. Okay I tried the chia pudding and it is so good and filling, it is a lot like tapioca pudding which I love. I feel like I have cheated and had dessert for breakfast, but my diet app is so happy with me because its loads and loads of protein and fiber. Also for those who can't take the texture, I read some recipes online that suggest blending it after its set overnight then it will be smooth which I might try if I am going to share it with friends at any point. But for me I love the little gooey seeds.

  2. Just love how you added veggies to the egg in your breakfast sandwich. And I totally need good alternatives to those egg mcmuffins. I am glad you admit to liking those too. Sometimes health nuts can seem so perfect and beyond human. Its nice to know you deal with the same kind of cravings I do and have good solutions.

  3. I didn’t like chia seeds… so I combined the muesli and the pb&j recipe…. after it soaked in the fridge I added a spoonful of raspberry jelly and peanut butter on top… I am obsessed!!!!! Thank you for the amazing quick and easy breakfast prep:)

  4. Hi Nikki, you need to write a cookbook on all your delicious recipes as i find that when i want to write down a recipe, i tend to miss ingredients that are shown in your recipes

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