4 Healthy Dessert Ideas For Weight Loss


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  1. Lol, these comments make me laugh… If you want to lose wait you have to be in a caloric deficit first of all and if u want to accelerate the process, u need to exercise… Vegetable oil and flour aren't our enemies lol, eat in moderation and stay healthy. I will try some of this recipes myself

  2. Why the fuck do u use vegetable oil in any recipes??? This is not how to loss wheight.😁 If i want to go crazy for one meal i just eat something like oatmeal, whey protein, bananas and more stuff or i can go with a pizza, burger or sweets…if u know how to manipulate those thing, would be fine. Just fallow ur macros, exercise right, do cardio, caloric deficit and that’s it. Simple.

  3. I have a really good pancake recipe

    2 eggs
    1 banana
    Half a cup of oats
    Blend all it will make 4 pancakes. thats it then you can eat it with fruits or can add some dark chocolate inside.

  4. Guys! You can try to make crepes whitout any calories! It's not possible. Like i don't think these are like what you can eat everyday when you try to lose weight but really!! This is so much better then just eat normal crepes or normal sugar added desserts. You can't make dessert whitout ANY CALORIES!

  5. I think that this recipes have any bad ingredients, you can make sustitions for your health (the abs), only change the white flour by coconut or oat flour, the extra banana (neverrr you use), low fat milk by soy or coconut milk, honey neverrr, the best is stevia, lords ❤

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