4 EASY TASTY TOAST RECIPES – Avocado, Onion Jam, French and Pizza


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  1. OMG id I were you I would eat those toasts with coffee. I hope I could make avocado toast with local avocados in the Philippines coz the taste and texture is different from Mexican avocados. thanks for the recipe!

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  3. i love avocado toast,i top it either sunny side up or hard boiled egg.i agree with what you've said "the natural sweetness of the onion".im curious of the onion jam toast so,il try that.thanks Erwan for sharing,i enjoy watching everything…

  4. Gudday erwan!!!can you do a quick baon recipe for always on the go?? That is rookie cook friendly my kids is whole day at school and sometimes im thinkin if they are eating a real food coz i peek the pocket of my son and i discover lots of candy and stuff pls pls more power

  5. I actually like your vlog format and don't think it's too long. Maybe vlog about your other activities like a few clips of you working out in the morning or you going to the market to buy the ingredients for a meal that you're going to cook? That would be interesting and cool.

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