4 Easy Slow Cooker Dinners


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  1. seulement vous critiquez. c'est juste ça ce que vous savez faire.
    Tasty fait des bonnes recettes avec un montage pro j'aiiiiime moi. 👎 pour les jaloux !

  2. So I tried the stuffed bell peppers and I didn't like it at all. Most of the peppers burnt on the bottom of my slow cooker and the rest tore open, spilling out the rice and cheese. As far as the taste goes, it was about as bland as anything can be. Definitely disappointed.

  3. I am currently making the chicken and biscuits! it looks sooo good!(and smells good) anyways I doubled the recipe since I have 4 people to serve. this one looks like a dinner for 2 or 3, so I just added another chicken, another can of soup and two more cups of broccoli and carrots. the biscuit  seems fine just the way it is. anyways, so excited to eat it! thank you!

  4. This is fabulous, thanks so much…I used to have a crock pot, bcuz of u, I'm going to go buy one tomorrow, and make ur recipe, which pot do u recommend?

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