4 Easy Cold Lunch Recipes / 4 Almuerzos Que No Tienen Que Calentar


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  1. I would love to try those delicious looking recipes! You're a fine and healthy looking brother. It's good seeing our brothers giving sdvice on healthy living and making it a lifestyle. I seem to be getting on and off the band wagon. Keep it up brother!!!

  2. Love your YouTube channel. I have learned so much. Can you educate me more on what I can drink? I know water is my best friend, but I would like some other options. Thank you in advance. 💪👍🏻😘

  3. Recently, a lady I know asked for some ideas for healthy recipes. Her fiance has some health issues and diet restrictions.Your channel was the first I thought of! Your channel is the best and has the most balanced recipes I've seen. Awesome work!

  4. it would be awesome to see more vids like this and maybe more super easy and quick meal prep videos for the bachelor guys that probably shouldn't be trusted in the kitchen lol

  5. My fav cold lunch is a wrap using a spinach wrap, chicken breast, Romaine/butter lettuce/spinach mixture, light drizzle ranch, light drizzle honey barbecue sauce, red onion, 1/2 oz mozzarella and black beans. I use to add corn and tomatoes until I found out I have diverticulitis. I love all your recipes.

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