4 Burgers Around the World


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  1. While I am not familiar with the 󾓧 and 󾓥 burgers, as an American who has been to Mexico numerous times, those burgers seem less from their countries, but more "inspired", by the local ingredients.

  2. no one eat that here in Mexico, we just eat the american burguer . The chorizo is used in other things like tacos or scrambled eggs or guisados, besides guacamole in burger makes me said WTF is that jeje. Anyways…..good video :p

  3. did yall think that maybe u went a little over the top with stereotypes? pretty sure no one in japan eats burgers on a rice bun and i know for a fact that no one in mexico eats burgers filled with guacamole…

  4. Never put salt in the meat, it will drive out the
    Juices and make it crumbly. A burger should have a little bit of pink at least. Last, manchego is Spanish, not Mexican and before you say it, they are not the same thing.

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