3 Vegan + Budget Dinner Recipes! Collab with Fablunch!


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  1. You use a lot of spinach in your recipes, is there something I can use in place of spinach. It can cause kidney stones which I'm very susceptible to. So if there's a general alternative I can use that'd be greatly appreciated!

  2. Oh no! Derp. I went off searching for your falafel and hadn't posted my comment yet. Ah well, not gonna recreate all that. Suffice to say I love these, I love, I love chili and pesto and eating on the cheap.


  3. Look at the date on this video I could have been healthy a year ago. Great vid each weekend I will be doing your menu. Now question how much is a food processor?

  4. Thank you so much for all of the vegan recipes! Even though I am not vegan these help me figure out what I can cook from what I have once I usually eat the meet that I buy first… a video on how to spread out and plans meals for the week would be awesome!

  5. I'm here from Olga's channel bc that pasta looks amazing. (Yo vegan foodies!! Fablunch is a fantastic vegan cooking channel and Olga is such a sweetheart so check her out!)

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