3 Thanksgiving Side Dishes | Easy & Delicious


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  2. I made the Brussels sprouts and the parsnip pears today. The sprouts were bomb and very easy to make. But the parsnips….I bought them last week so maybe they sat in the fridge for too long? They were so woody and tough. The dressing was so tart. Maybe I didn't make it correctly.

  3. I LOVE THESE RECIPES!!! I tried all of them!! They were so yummy! I'm learning how to cook and you make it easy and fun! You're a great host! I can't wait to make the recipes again on Thanksgiving!!!! Thank you!

  4. I made these brussel sprouts the other night for dinner n they were delicious ! N I never cared for them but now I love them . Thank you for this recipe going to make these for Thanksgiving….

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