3 Tasty Salad Recipes


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  1. Hey Girl, OMG…my hubby was in surgery all week and I'm exhausted…I made your southwestern black bean salad and threw some meat on the grill…soooo easy you saved me…love you sooooo much..you're the best..god bless sister…XOXOXOXO

  2. First attempt doubled everything since I was using half of the two pack of Kirkland cheese tortellini. More pasta then I wanted. Using the second half of the two pack today to take care of lunch at work for awhile. Two large English cucumbers from Costco, 4 cups of Symphony mixed color tomatoes, salvage some lemons from the tree, and 5 times the dressing for such a big batch. My Costco even has the right olives at this time. I used All Recipe's Greek seasoning. It is pretty strong so I only went with three times the Greek seasoning. Added Greek seasoning and some fresh Italian Parsley to the dressing and ran it through the Vita Mix on low. I think that I may have the ratio I want. How many ounces is the package of pasta you use? I think my Mom would love this one. She would make the single batch. Have already made the other two salads in the same video. Thank You!

  3. oh my….I Made the bean and corn salad for outdoor BBQ and to my surprise…..the bean salad was gone first….there was a lot of classic macaroni salad left over……! this salad had a lots of comments I told them to check out u the domestic geek !

  4. I was watching this video on night shift and had to go to the grocer after my shift to get the ingredients. I just made it, it's delicious. I added extra cumin and extra chilli powder. Thanks for this.

  5. hi!!! thank youuuuu very much for these fantastic recipes… I was just looking aroung and see if I can find a simple and easy way to cook for me.. and bang!!! I found you!!! first: the way you explained, the ingredients (everybody have them) and simple to understand. a big hug from Barcelona. have a fantastic and wonderful delicious day.

  6. Just found your channel today. So many great food ideas. I would love to make so many of these but you do use various kinds of onions in quite a lot of your recipes. I am allergic to onion. Do you have any ideas on how to substitute them? I feel just omitting ingredients is cheating so I would like to add something else instead to give these food ideas the awesome crunchy/flavourful/colourful properities they deserve

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