3 Simple + EASY Vegan dinner ideas!!


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  1. Thank you Sandra for these recipes! I've been searching your channel for your eggplant chicken that you mentioned in your tortilla video, but couldn't find it anywhere. Did you post it under a different name or in a recipe grouping like the one in this video? Please help me to find it if you've posted it. Graciassssssss <3

  2. I recently turned into vegetarian eating and slowly turning my diet to vegan. Will use thos meals. Thanks for sharing.
    There are so many reasons to eat vegan food, but yet a lot of people deny it…silly
    Keep it up!

  3. Really enjoyed this video, its short too the point and well edited.
    And who knew you could season and bake pre cooked chickpeas? I always just eat them straight from the jar of blended a bit with some garlic.
    But that is just me being a bit lazy when it comes to food sometimes :p

  4. Oop :/ @smileeen I tried o reply to your comment but it deleted it 🙁

    Sorry! To answer your question about if trader joes taco seasoning is spicy…. Well I don't think its spicy but maybe my judge on spiciness is not so good. It does contain salt though so to me its more salty then spicy. Hope that helps.

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