3 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas | Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly!!


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  1. Not hurting your feelings in any way. But dairy products r unhealthy cruel to the animals. Male calves r murdered while the females endure the same abuse as their mother…Bite Size Vegan is a great vegan You Tuber, if u want more info.

  2. if you were ever interested in giving up cheese Daiya makes some good ones – their cheddar style slices are amazing they taste just like the real thing and melt really nicely, perfect for grilled cheese, and there are tons of mac and cheese and alfredo recipes using cashews as a cream sauce base, and nutritional yeast has a nice cheesy flavour you can put it on anything!

  3. I am making the peach and tomato tartine tonight! it looks so yummy! There are a ton of cashew cheeses out there that are simple easy to make. I'll be using a cashew ricotta tonight :). My family is vegan now but we had to give up dairy years ago due to allergies and I have to tell you, vegan cheeses have come a long way. Chao brand has some cheddar slices that fool non vegans. Check it out. Thanks for the video!

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