3 Pasta Salad Recipes | No Mayo + Easy Summer Entertaining


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  1. Love all your recipes – you make everything look so easy to make – would love to know where you purchased those teeny tiny little glass bowls that you used to put all the ingredients in – thx for sharing

  2. All 3 of these salads look amazing! Can't wait to try them. Can I add Vodka to the bloody Mary dressing? Just thinking I would make it authentic. Hahaha 😝🤣

  3. You're punny and it's precious. The Bloody Mary one looks so good, but it breaks my heart because I learned last year that I'm allergic to celery. I've been trying to come up with something that could take it's place and…nothing is the same.

  4. Love all of these recipes. My son lives with me and works straight nights. I look for recipes that I can make, stick in the fridge and he can eat at his leisure. All 3 of these fit the bill and since he is a pasta nut, he'll like all of them. Love your videos both for the recipes and the corny puns! 🙂 P.S. Looking forward to the return of "Friday Night Supper Club".

  5. When she said “ this ain’t yo mammas macaroni salad “ I was cracking up 😂😂because it was like that show Paula Deen’s sons did years ago,they used to say that all the time

  6. If i did the green goddess pasta salad as a make ahead, how long will it last since there is no mayo? If I turn the greens into a pesto would that shorten the life in the fridge.

  7. Excellent! Thanks… So much better than My Momma's Pasta Salads. They were always a little too "Yankee" for this Southern Born and Raised kid. Liked my neighbor's or even the School's Pasta Salads than my Mom's. We helped her out later in her life and she got it together. All Good!

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