3 NEW Pasta Salad Recipes


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  1. I got super inspired by your pasta salad recipes and I made my own version but with brown rice instead of orzo and tuna, radishes, green onions and dill with a dressing that had mustard, lime and sesoned olive oil. Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do. I love watching every single video as soon as it comes out. I have actually made a lot of the recipes like the beet risotto, the pear pizza, the caprese qinoa bake, PBJ oatmeal muffins etc. I just don't take good photos or they get eaten up too quickly :). You guys are fantastic and I hope you have wonderful and fulfilling lives. Lots of love from Romania! 😉

  2. Hi Sara, I just subscribed to your channel. Where have I been 😉love your salads and will be making one for next week. I also made some green smoothies, your recipe. So delicious 😋 would you please give us recipes for summer margaritas? Thank you 🙏 ❤️

  3. Great recipes! Had to laugh at the "feta makes everything betta" because we say that in my house! And I also happen to be wearing a blue and white striped dress while watching this 😛

  4. HELLO! love your channel, you inspire me to cook more and healthy. I will like, if you can , gluten free receipts. I already did the one in your channel, Love it, Love it . God bless you!

  5. I love your videos Sara .if anyone wants to learn how to cook a Moroccan berber tagine with vegetables just buy my course on udemy.com and learn step by step how to cook it . My name is Soumia aafif your instructor thank you

  6. I love pasta salads for meal prepping…! 🙂 Make a whole bunch, put it in the fridge, good to go for 3-4 days of lunch in the office (or uni, in my case). Thanks for some new inspiration!

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