3 Lunchbox Ideas Featuring Salads (COLLAB WITH GIRLS WITH GLASSES!)


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  1. I really like your videos they give me tips! I just looked at this video right now and noticed you used romaine lettuce and right now I don’t recommend that lunch because romaine lettuce has a lot of… Urine bacteria in it an d it’s really bad for you.

  2. Hi Beth you’re amazing and I love your recipes. I am planning to buy the life factory salad bowls could you pls suggest which would be the right size will a 1 cup be too small. What was the size of the containers that you showed in the show. Once again thank you for all your effort keep
    Posting such wonderful recipes

  3. I've been packing salads in mason jars but those don't allow for mixing. I ordered a couple of these containers for my son and husband. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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