3 Low Carb Lunch Recipes | No Cook + Vegan


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  1. Love the recipe… just one note. The agave neater is nearly 100 fructose… the bad type of sweetener which can be problematic . Consider monk fruit, it doesn’t spike the insulin.

  2. Hi there just got your cookbook in the mail today first of all congratulations on it. second of all it's beautiful I love the recipes and you do an awesome job both on your channel and in your cookbook

  3. These recipes are so amazing and I'll be making these over the summer. By the way, you had me at NO COOK. I have the Paderno spiralizer and it's kind of fun to make the curly zoodles but there are many options either to make your own zoodles or buy them pre-zoodled. Fantastic recipes, advice, and video's. : )

  4. Sara Lynn!! I've got a 9 week old baby girl. Pretty soon I'll be making her some purees to store in my deep freezer for when she's ready to transition to food. I've got a great cookbook for it but was thinking it would be awesome to see on your channel! A little new parent solidarity, lol.

    Seriously, would love to see your take on baby food, especially as yours grows since mine isn't that far behind. Been a fan of this channel for 6 years I think? Your cookbook is one of the things I'm asking Santa for this year 😉

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