3 Hot and Sour Soup Recipes COMPARED (Instant vs Vegan vs Chef’s Version)


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  1. Please make a video about easy and tasty cookies that would be perfect for an evening treat for the whole family. Love baking. Never have time. Kids demand sweets! Please help:)

  2. I adore hot and sour soup I'd want all three just at different times. The first one for lunch the second one for a midweek dinner and the third one for a dinner party. Love your channel I make more of your recipes than the ones I learned from my mother.

  3. A vietnamese friend of mine told me about the shrimp paste.. so i bought it… And the taste and consistency is only comparable to what i imagine sand from underneath a month old corpse would taste like…

  4. Hey guys how about a “picnic in the park” battle? Cook & pack a picnic hamper and we get to see lovely London parks. Cooking & excursions- win win! & Ben gets to wear shorts.

  5. I'd love to see the boys make family favorite recipes from their childhood vs date night meals that the boys would cook now, to show the progression after they've learned so much more about cooking

  6. Hello guys!!love your channel,i think you are great!!I have a question for you…. I did try to make some bread yesterday, but it didn't go how I thought,It is a brick!!😂😂😂😂😂😂is it any way that use it or save it?actually could be an idea for a new video…..fix your messes!!!hahahaha…..thank you!!!

  7. I think James and Ben should go head to head with the same brief accept one meal would be vegan and one non vegan n the rest of the lads have to work out which ones vegan or not and then recreate it the best they can with no recipe and no help 😁

  8. Great recipes, but I am really missing dishes from some parts of the world. For starters… Africa.

    African food is very divers and divine. South Africa has some nice dishes like Boboti, braai bbq or malva pudding. But probably one of my favourites: Ethiopian: Injera (sourdough-risen flatbread) with gomen, kik alicha, miser wot, kifto, fesoloa, ymisir wot,… Hmmm!

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