3 Hearty Winter Soup Recipes | EASY + DELICIOUS


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  1. Soaking the beans the night before helps with digestion as well. Discard the water it was soaking in, then add the beans to your recipe. If boiling the beans just on thier own, after discarding the soaked water, place in a pot and add fresh water. Personally, I enjoy black beans with coconut oil (I heat the oil first), add the beans, cover with fresh water, add salt, onion, cumin and garlic powder with oregano and a bay leaf. Last add dashes of my favorite hot sauce bring to a boil, simmer on low, and add water as needed. If pressed for time I do use semi cooked beans from a cartoon (Whole Foods 365 Organic No Salt added), do the same minus the soaking over night.

  2. They all look delicious, thank you💗. Do you make your own vegetable broth or do you buy it? I try to make everything at home because of the additives. I have sensitivity to gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar. Plus fish and red meat, lol. That's why I love your channel, your food is clean and delicious💕

  3. Just gotta say I love how soothing your voice is and I'm sure your baby will be in love with that
    you just have that natural soft soothing nurturing voice that could put a grownup to sleep 😊💗💤

  4. I just jumped out of bed and whipped up the red lentil soup! It’ll be my lunch for the next few days or so. So good! Oh, and I stored it using my Fablunch containers. Thanks, Olga!

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