3 Healthy Wrap Recipes | Back to School Lunch Ideas


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  1. your a meat eater and call your self vegetarian? eggs, milk, not me veg no dairy you should searcher not good for you. chemicals GMO saturated fats in steak did you know it rots in stomach Dr. Oz says he is a cardiologist in NY I am 66 yr old veg fruits nuts seeds grains distilled water green tea herbal popcorn Oats Ever heard of Briggs on purpose seasoning amino use instead of soy it taste Delicious and is healthy no sodium. Bragg's herb sprinkles and Bragg yeast vitimein b

  2. Sorry but says "healthy " in the title is not good. Because animals products and dairy is very acid for your body
    Anyway i understand that you make recipices for everybody who eat everything
    Nevermind, Good quality of video 

  3. i tried the avocado greek yogurt receipe and i think its a little too…sour? The greek yogurt is already pretty sour and the lemon just sent it through the roof! Ill probably cut down on the lemon juice or change to mayo + lemon juice next time, just my two cents!

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