3 Healthy Soup Recipes For Fall – Vegetarian & Gluten Free


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  1. Here are the macros you guys! One serving is 1 ¼ liquid cups of soup.
    Macros per serving of butternut squash soup:
    157 calories
    4.6 grams of fat
    25 grams of carbs
    3.5 grams of protein
    6.8 grams of fiber

    Macros per serving of spinach quinoa soup:
    49 calories
    3.6 grams of fat
    11.1 grams of carbs
    5.3 grams of protein
    2.3 grams of fiber

    Macros per serving of lentil soup:
    137 calories
    1.5 grams of fat
    23.5 grams of carbs
    8.5 grams of protein
    4.1 grams of fiber

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  2. First let me say that I almost fell off my chair when I saw the bowls your demo shots are in. I have those bowls plus the larger ones. I have never seen anyone besides me use them, I loooove them. (Can’t beat anything vintage!). Those soups look unbelievable and can’t wait to try them, minus quinoa (allergic). Please please please do more ……thanks for sharing

  3. Officially impressed and in awe and will be cooking soon! You’re representing healthy, low cal but more importantly veggies, spices and flavors and how to mix it all! Amazing and thank you 🙏🏼

  4. Made the squash soup and spinach soup the week after. Because I have to watch my sodium intake, reduced the amount to about half in both- still delicious 😋 I’ve found that with most of your recipes I’ve made (quite a few), I can reduce the salt to about half the amount you used and it’s still delish 😊

  5. Went out and bought a butternut squash right after I saw this video. The soup came out great (I can't help but want to add a few pieces of crumbled up bacon to this though)! I've only worked with butternut squash once before–I was trying to duplicate a soup a friend made, and after hours of prepping and cooking up the squash on the stove it came out very inedible (I didn't know much about seasoning or mirepoix at the time). I was really excited to make a second attempt after seeing this video. Since then I did see some tricks for prepping the squash. If you warm up the halved squash in the microwave for three minutes or so and let it cool down a bit, the skin peels off very easily with a knife. The meat directly under the skin softens up, so that made the skin a lot easier to pull off. As an added bonus I discovered how the butternut squash is really tasty roasted in the oven, I'll definitely be making more of that too.

  6. Just made the roasted butternut squash soup 😳OMG it's amazinggggg!!! Another great recipe! You are the bomb! Thanks and keep them coming! 😍😍😍😍😍🙌🏾

  7. Jesus Christ Bobby these look amazing and so do you! I wasn't expecting to see the egg-lemon mixture, that was great! We have it in Greece too and it's called avgolemono! It literally means egg-lemon lol! We make a fantastic soup with it with small beef meatballs and a bit of rice in it, it's so simple and heavenly, I think you'd love it <3 Please show us the rest of your soups, love all your videos, especially when you choke on soup and say biatch 😉 lol <3

  8. For the butternut squash, you could slice the squash in half and brush with the maple syrup instead of adding it directly to the soup. Bake and then scoop out the flesh. You'd get mucho caramelization without having to peel or chop. Would also be awesome with a pinch of cinnamon or chili powder sprinkled on it before baking. Love your recipes, man.

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