3 Healthy Recipes | Dessert and Sweet Treats


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  1. Can you please make a protein snack haul. I cannot (for the life of me) remember the name of the bars you showed us. I think they were chocolate mint flavor. Please!

  2. You're such a motivation and motivated my to start a better lifestyle that I LOVE!!!! But Is it possible to use Something Else instead of Peanut butter powder in the last recipe as I am allergic to Peanuts??

  3. Someone once said to me "Bananas are so high in calorie and sugar. Id rather eat a chocolate bar if Im gonna eat like that." I was like girl no…and also stopped listening to words from her brain 🤔

  4. I love that these are ACTUALLY super easy. I hate seeing "easy" recipe videos only to find that they call for all crazy kinds of ingredients and 2 hours of prep lol

  5. I never comment on YT videos but I recently found this channel and have been watching EVERYTHING. Be advised: The banana/pb/dark choc quesadilla is addictive! It was soooo tasty and if you do the PBFit instead of regular pb it's even healthier. This gave me something tasty to eat that satisfied my sweet tooth. A+, Whit!! Thanks!

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