3 Healthy Quinoa Recipes | Back to School Lunch Ideas


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  1. I just tried quinoa for the first time today!!! I made the rainbow salad and I'm definitely going to continue making it!! I also topped it off with a little bit of crumbled feta cheese! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  2. first of all, you're super pretty! love the pixie cut. 🙂 second, my husband hates quinoa, but I think he'll like these recipes. I've never cooked quinoa in my home. Just started last week and these ideas will definitely help. Thanks ^^

  3. Would recommend salting the cucumber before using it in the tabouleh salad. I find that it tends to leak a lot of water and I end up with a very flavourless pubble at the bottom of my salad. Salting is realy easy, just toss the cucumber in salt (1-2 tsp max) for 20-30 minutes an let osmosis do its thing and drain out some of the excess water. Rinse off the salt and it won't be added to your salad but you won't end up with the puddle :)

  4. I tried the mexican quinoa and it was delicious! I changed it up by adding carrots, chinese cabbage, and a bit more vegetable broth. This is definitely a lunch for university. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks for all the great videos and recipes. You are really getting me on track for 2016. I have made 2 of 3 and the mexican one pot dish is soooo good and so easy to throw together.

  6. I just came across your channel for the first time ever and I can definitely say I am in LOVE!! Your channel is perfect for me!! I'm on a general healthy lifestyle and I'm transitioning to eventually becoming a vegetarian or just to dip my foot in it once in a while and I never even heard of Quinoa until I came across this video and girl can I say it made my mouth water!! Will definitely be trying this!! Thanks so much!! Your videos are so helpful and love your energy!! ❤️?

  7. I made the One Pan Mexican Quinoa for lunch for a friend and I….and it was DELISH!! My husband who isn't into meals like this, liked it too! Can't wait to try the rest of the recipes featured on this vlog….thanks so much!

  8. This looks vegan enough for me I'm looking to incorporate quinoa in my diet The Mexican seems most suitable Now what if to substitute vegetable broth with vegan miso broth?

  9. I made both the Rainbow and Mexican Quinoa dishes and it's safe to say they are both staple recipes for me now! OMG, that Rainbow Quinoa is amazing! I substituted red kidney beans for the tomatoes because despite my efforts to persuade my taste buds to like tomatoes, they just don't 🙁 Thank you so much for your amazing videos, I just love ya! <3

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