3 Healthy Dessert Recipes!


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  1. people ……Trust me…..I've cooked chocolate coconut bars …… it's really delicious Thanks alot for your delicious recipe ….. love from kingdom of Bahrain

  2. WOW, everything looks amazing!!!! i just started my health kick two weeks ago and I have been eating really healthy and clean. And it's a struggle at times because I have a sweet tooth, so this video is like my life savor. I can't wait to try to make them all!! =)

  3. Good video but can you please lower your voice? Like my volume was on low but you were yelling as if there was a crowd of people speaking. It makes you sound weird like with the voice cracks. This isn't hate just a suggestion cause it sounds REALLY bad through my speakers.

  4. Yeah always wanted tot ry sth like making chcolate things yourself but everything seemed so complicated, but you'rs seems managaeable =) Think that's sth I'll try in November or December when I'm not on that healthy trip anymore, even though it doesn't seem to bad, But like the Bird generation would say #sugarwithdrawl – detoxing =) Or sth like that.
    But I think I'll "cheat" with the pears as soon as possible. =)

  5. for the cookies you can just use 1 cup of oats and 1 mashed banana with some dates…if you want. then u combine the mix and put them in the oven for…a few minutes. sometimes when the batter is not cooked yet i like to add cinnamon :):) enjoy. from blogilates

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