3 Go-To Vegan Dinner Recipes | lindseyrem


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  1. It sucks that the products are organic though. It's much worse for the environment. People think they're contributing in a good way by buying organic products, which couldn't be further from the truth. We need more awareness on this subject and look at what's actually scientific.

  2. I feel like there isnt a lot of good content on youtube thats directed at college students by colleges students that touches on day to day or week to week food planning and such. The videos that I have watched don't always seem realistic either. Meals that are easy for on the go, cheap and healthy. Your past food videos have been so helpful id love to see more!

  3. Since you so kindly offered, pls make videos on all those meals haha <3 or this makeup you're wearing? I know you may think it's similar to your previous looks but an everyday updated makeup tutorial will be nice to watch as well 🙂 love you!

  4. ALL THE FOOD VIDEOS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I’m not even vegan but having these healthy and incredibly easy meals help out this pregnant mama sooooo much!!

  5. lunches you can bring to class please, i always struggle so hard with this and end up buying the bad stuff that my school cafateria sells and afterwards my body and my mind feel so shitty

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