3 Gluten Free Muffin Tin Recipes | Back to School Lunch Ideas


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  1. could i sub the BBQ sauce in the 'meatloaf' recipe with ketchup? (i've no clue why but the idea of BBQ sauce in that recipe makes me sick to my stomach no matter how good it looks lol)

  2. I know, I'll challenge you, BUT you'll make it (or I hope so).

    I had wonderful evenings with lovely recipes from you, but now, after a while and I had a few problems with my stomach, my doctors and I found the reason: Gluten and lactose isn't the best thing for me.
    Due the fact that I ate a lot of eggs in the last time in various recipes, cause they are easy to use (I got pimples on my forehead) and your recipes contains milk as well, I now want to challenge you: Make a gluten, lactose and egg free video (like three dishes OR – which is way better – A gluten, lactose and egg free day – like breakfast, lunch and so on).

    I hope that you'll create a WONDERFUL video, I'm totally lost with this "diet" :/

  3. I will say I have watch a lot of you tube cooking and yours is the best that I have every watcheverything has rainbow colors it looks healthy will you show how it can be use as a diet

  4. Oh my god, this is the second video I've watched if you and absolutely love how easy you make it and you're really clear about everything!!! I'm trying my best to eat really really healthily these days and watching your videos are do going to help me! Totally subscribed on the 1ST video, thank you so much for sharing your amazingness l. x love Jen x

  5. Made the frittatas they came out perfectly as well as the meatloaf although I didn't use quinoa because I'm still trying to perfect it lol but I used white rice instead an it tastes awesome!!!

  6. As I said before. You should make tabouli ! It is from Lebanon and we have it almost every day ! At least at my house :3 and don't forget the sumac because it is the most important :)

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