3 Fun EGG Breakfast Recipes (High Protein!)


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  1. Keep up your great job, Joanna. Paying attention to constructive critics is a good thing but please don't worry about narrow minded comments telling you what to do with your life and your work.
    And to the whiny vegan nazis out here, I got news for you: Nobody ever said you must cook Joanna Soh's recipes. You don't agree with her food choices? Just go somewhere else. Simple as that. You want to unsubscribe from her channel? Go ahead. Nobody needs your negativity and your intolerance here.

  2. Hi Joahna, im a teenager. Can u prefer some lifestyles that suit me. Please. Im very much interested in toning up my body. My fat is concentrated in my hips,thighs,butt and arms. I would be very happy if u suggest tips to tone my body.

  3. I could just binge watch all your videos right now. I watched loads already, but i have exams so I have to force myself to revise now :/ anyway just had to subscribe I can't wait to try out your recipes they actually look so yummy

  4. Hi, I've been watching ur videos for a while now and am curious about your thoughts on the following:
    What do u think is better out of full fat, low fat or no fat milk? And do u often drink milk?

  5. Don't listen to the haters.

    I appreciate your videos and recipe ideas. And honestly you can always tweak the recipes to fit what you eat and what you don't. I don't understand why everybody is freaking out so much, it is so silly.

  6. I found your channel not long after you started it, back when I was trying to lose weight. I learned so much from you but when I gave up on myself, I unsubbed because your videos kept reminding me of the things I quit doing. All those years ago I wasn't strong enough to commit to changing my lifestyle but for the last six months I've made my health a priority. Today, I was looking up high protein recipes when I saw your name and I quickly resubscribed. I'm so happy I found your channel again! I'm certain that watching your videos will make the remainder of my health journey even better. :)

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