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  1. I am a new subscriber…love your channel. This video was so peaceful and lovely to watch. I think I will make the pastry puff recipe for Valentines Day. Thank you for sharing your recipes. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Maddie, just made the cookies as promised. I halved the recipe as I didn't dare make 10 or I would just eat them all. I did have to add a few more drops of milk to get the dough to stick together. Patiently waited for them to cool and have just tried one and WOW they were lovely and gooey, best cookies I've made ever and tasted, much better than shop bought ones. If I made the full recipe can I put half the uncooked dough in the freezer ? 😁

  3. I've been trying out some different vegan chocolate chip cookies lately but not been happy with any of them so going to give your recipe a go soon. Just made a batch of a different recipe this morning but they are more like biscuits than chewy cookies. I'll let you know when I've tried doing your recipe. I've always been pleased with other recipes I've made of yours 😁

  4. these cookies were THE BEST vegan cookies i’ve ever made, i even have some to my non vegan friends and they didn’t even realize it was vegan!!! they’re so good i’m gonna make more this week😂

  5. I made these cookies 🍪 (I ate half of the dough lol) and then I ate ALL OF THEM during my day of college exams… So delicious!! Thank you!! (I didn't share with anyone lol they're so mine)

  6. My family and I really enjoyed the cookies 😋 my cousins little boy has an egg allergy and this recipe would be perfect to pass on, thank you 😊 can’t wait to try the other recipes x

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