3 Easy Winter Dinner Recipes


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  1. Love these recipe videos, keep them coming! What size dutch oven do you use? I have a 2 qt one which is great for one person but debating on if I should get a 6 or 8 qt for meal prepping/freezing soups.

  2. Maybe get some disposable nitrile gloves from Costco for handling meat if it gross to you! I always have some on hand for things like that, cleaning the litterbox, and other tasks you don’t want to use bare hands for. Edit…everything looks delicious and I love your cooking vids so much!

  3. For me as a german it's super interesting to see that we cook basically the same recipes with just a little different execution. I myself am not one for convenience food or prepackaged meat but other than that it isn't that different. Wouldn't have thought that honestly. Learning never stops 🙂

  4. Just wanted to say that your content and editing is really inspiring to me as I look forward to trying to grow my blog/vlog in the new year. I appreciate that you're true to yourself! Wonderful video, can't wait to try some of these recipes! Merry Christmas to you, Will, and the furry kids!

  5. I loooove recipe videos! I made your chicken thigh w/ mash potato recipe several times and it became one of my favourite foods to cook. I made a really big portion when our family visited us from Poland and they also loved it! Your recipe has been passd on 😀
    Best wishes from Germany 🙂

  6. You need to have a cooking channel! It is such a hassle to layer the ricotta mixture over the meat! Who would have thought to just make them have their own layers?? HA! Genius!

  7. These all look so yummy! If you have a Kitchenaid mixer, it makes making meatballs SO much easier, and you’re not dealing with as much raw meat touching! Also, I brown my meatballs under the broiler because I’m lazy and it’s easier for me.

  8. These all look delicious! Can't wait to give them all a try. Hard part? Deciding which one to make first! You are doing an amazing job with these videos! Food Network, where you at?

  9. Thanks for these amazing recipes!!!!! I have never did beef stew or meatball hoagies do you’ve made me confident that I can do this.
    Your home is lovely.

  10. I made beef stew over the weekend and I just toss some celery sticks with the leaves in while the stew is simmering and it gives it the flavor then I take it out before serving.

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