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  1. Hi Sara, I made the Minestrone soup yesterday; 2 jars in the freezer, 2 jars in the fridge; finishing up a bowlful now, It's simply an amazing recipe. Can top with Vegan cheese, or a cheese of your choice, which adds another layer of deliciousness. 💖

  2. I'm loving the new website! I just meal prepped the honey garlic chicken stir fry. I love that the amounts change automatically when I change the serving size. Takes out the guess work! Thanx so much!

  3. Hi Sara thank and blessings sistrin. These varieties are the health and spice of life and many levels. Lunch, dinner cold weather all sorted. 🔥👌😀🇬🇧💃🙌🆙👋🏡🍽️💯💖

  4. For the minestrone for me that i’m italian i suggest you to put the pasta in the last 10 minutes before taking it out from the stove. Otherwise the pasta will be a cream pasta and not pasta anymore. I loved all the recipes and i love your channel 🙂

  5. I gotta try that quinoa salad! Also, I loveee freezing minestrone, or any soups for that matter! I freeze it without the pasta and add in little ditalini pasta as it’s reheating on the stove so they don’t get mushy

  6. how do you need the pasta in the soup from getting huge and soaking up all of the juice? I always try to save it for later and i never have any of the soup left and it drive me nuts!

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