3 EASY VEGAN PASTA SAUCES | hot for food


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  1. the recipe on the blog has wrong quantities of ingredients( the amount of veggie stock in the red pepper one) so the sauce I just made turned out like a glorified soup:(

  2. EW EW EW EWWWW! The first ten seconds make me want to puke and not continue the video so I won’t have to hear anything else like it.
    Ughh, that fucking sound! That sound of the pasta🤮 and then the horrible, horrible scraping sound. Eeeekkk

  3. I made the pumpkin and sage one last night. It was my first time ever trying nutritional yeast and I found the yeast flavour over powering. I always hear people say its a cheesy flavour but i just couldn't get past the yeasty flavour. The rest of the flavours were nice. I think I might try again at some point but with half the amount of yeast.

  4. Thank you 😊 I did the red pepper one, just added a can of roasted tomatoes and oregano as extras and omg it’s delicious 😍 my baby and my 5 year old are enjoying it right now 💕 thanks 🙏🏼

  5. Hacome in every vegan video I see they are always trying to replicate textures, tastes and other aspects of non vegan meals, I'm a chef so I'd be more interested in seeing them create new and unknown flavors instead of trying to make it cheesy or meaty with out actually having those, I also think the time vegan chefs waste on trying to mimic non vegan textures, tastes could of been out into finding something new. I generally think vegan food could be decent but we need to try NEW stuff instead of trying to make vegan meals that mimic traditional vegan meals and that's where it goes wrong for me cause you'll always compare it to the original. Btw I'm more interested in the taste and creative side of it I eat normal, vegetarian and vegan meals just to try things I just generally love tasting and experimenting with food so I'm not trying to hate I'm just saying ithinkvegan cuisine will be better off doing it's own thing not mimicking non vegan traditional meals.

  6. no strange ingredients? wtf is nutmeg? nutritional yeast? avocados and peppers are very expensive in my country, pumpkin puree as well. sage? da hell is that?

  7. omg that pumpkin sage sauce…. just made it and it's SO GOOD! I made a few adjustments tho, I used kabocha squash instead because I think it tastes better 😛 soooooo good!!! Next time someone doubts my cooking skills imma whip up a batch of this.

  8. I loooove this avocado pesto so much that I always make sure to have avocados at home in case I want to make it. I also made it for a family party this august and people loved it!

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