3 EASY HIGH PROTEIN BREAKFAST RECIPES To Gain Muscle (+40 grams) Pancakes, French Toast & Eggs


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  1. I always skip breakfast & don't eat until the afternoon. This lets me keep burning the fat for longer because as soon as you eat insulin is produced & fat burning stops. The anabolic window is 24 hours with new studies, so totally pointless eating breakfast.

  2. Are you the actor Rodrigo Santoro from the movie 'Love Actually'?……… Seriously though young man, from one Mediterranean man to another…. you have really inspired me with these breakfast guides. I used to workout strictly in the early 90's and have not really trained seriously since then. I have been trying for years to get back to it and now I am. You obviously have a great physique and I find your channel really clear helpful and inspiring. Thank you Marino

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