3 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes!


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  1. They all look delicious! I love your recipe videos. I just got the spiralizer as a gift, I need to try it out!
    As far as the burgers, I'm going to try those but with ground chicken instead.

  2. The quesadillas look really good 😊 Instead of the sour cream you can also try plain Greek yogurt (unflavored) I promise it tastes like sour cream but it’s much healthier and higher protein. Do you like spaghetti squash too? 😄

  3. i bought a vegetable spiraler a few days ago and made some zucchini noodles yesterday and used some alfredo sauce, sausage, and meatballs and it was sooo good! if i may be honest, i only bought it because i saw you use it and it looked so good!

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