3 EASY Dinner Salads | BLT Salad, Tuscan Bean Salad & Rojak Salad


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  1. In Indonesia we have 2 common kinds of Rojak which are for dessert and a complete meal. We put everything on it, raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, lontong (cooked rice in banana leaves), tofu ,tempeh, and some parts of beef intestines

  2. Love the salads! Rojak uses groundnuts in the sauce. I would suggest that you add some chopped groundnuts in the sauce or even crunchy peanut butter for convenience. 🙂

  3. Do you have any freezer meals? I would love to do bulk prep to make freezer meals if you have any would love to watch them. All your meals are jam packed with flavour so it would be awesome to see your take on freezer meals.

  4. Hai sara, i’m from indonesia and here we have so much kind of rujak. It can be contains either raw veggies or cooked and some of fruits also. Maybe u can try make a dressing from mix of brown sugar( melted it with little bit water), garlic, peanut , tamarind paste, chili, and salt together and add it into some fresh fruit and veggies. Trust me it will boost you all the day 😍😁👍🏻

  5. I lov these recipes! You’re absolutely right that salad doesn’t sound like dinner. Never filling enough for me. But these recipes makes me excited to actually make a salad for lunch or dinner! Thanks for the recipes!😊

  6. wow rojak! i mean that's as far away from an authentic rojak as you can be but i bet it tastes good and you got the idea of the flavours of rojak in there so i give it a thumbs up for creativity. also i'm so delighted that you even know of rojak!! if you guys ever get the chance to visit malaysia you should definitely give it a go. the recipe in this video kind of combines 2 main types of rojak together but as a rule fruit rojak doesn't have tofu or vegetables in it and indian rojak doesn't have fruit in it lol. but y'know food is about fun so have it however way you like it!
    p/s: you nailed the pronunciation of rojak. so you're good! haha.

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