3 Dinner Recipes for People Who Can't Cook | The Lifestyle Fix


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  1. I'm a casserole girl. I love taking leftover veggies (cooked or frozen), rice or potatoes, and add a jar of some kind of sauce (like cream of something, salsa, tahini, etc) and top with cheese. I use vegan cheese and cream but it's still fast and easy. The best is rice, a jar of salsa, frozen veggies, beans, leftover pico de gallo from buying in bulk at store, shredded 'cheese' and cilantro chopped. It's cheap, lasts days, and I always have Latin American or Southeast Asian/Indian spices or sauces leftover.

  2. I finally made the one pot beans and rice for dinner last night. It was sooooo good and very easy to make. This will go into my meal rotation from now on. Very quick and easy and really tasty too. Thanks for a great recipe. Now why didn’t I think 🤔 of this??? Lol.

  3. Wonderful video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we really like to notice this type of content. We create Travel & Food films as well, across the globe, and also we are habitually seeking inspirations and so creative concepts. Thank You.

  4. I want to know how I'm supposed to save money on cooking when I have no storage . I share my fridge with my roommates and I have enough space to store about three loaves of bread (including the freezer). I literally cannot prepare a week of food at once… nowhere to preserve it.

  5. Gotta have that holy trinity on hand! As far as meal planning goes, my partner and I love using the app Recipe Keeper. You can upload recipes from your favorite websites, make a meal calendar, shopping list, and link accounts! We've been using this app for over 4 years, and it's been a game changer.

  6. I have the same crockpot but barely use it because it never reaches a boil like your video. I thought I was using it wrong but now I think it's not me it's the crockpot. I had chuck roast submerged in liquid for over 8 hours and it never reached a boil like that. It just got a scalding hot 😞

  7. Just learnt that pepitas are essentially the same thing as pumpkin seeds! Guess it's another courgette/zucchini scenario. It always amuses me how we both speak English, yet it varies so much!

  8. Hey Tasha, thanks for the great ideas! I think I will try the kale salad recipe for some upcoming parties/potlucks. Could you please post the recipes to these dishes so I can follow them on my own time? Thanks!

  9. I already have everything I need to make the beans and rice recipe. I’m going to make this for my lunches this weekend. We always overspend on the weekends when it comes to eating out.

  10. For fast and cheap I put rise, macaroni or buckwheat in water with lentils and currymix. Sometimes I add seeds (pumpkin or hemp) or nuts if I remeber to do so. It's 15 minutes from hunger to meal.

  11. I bought a slow cooker last year and have only used it once, for a roast dinner like what you showed here 🙂 I've gotta get around to looking up other things that can be made in it because the poor thing has been sitting abandoned in the cabinet since about this time last year (November). I feel myself slowly regretting not having paid more attention to my mom when she cooked growing up. She relishes now in telling me these things again but also in teasing me for my lack of initial interest, lol.

  12. Last month I did a “No Spend Challenge” where I spent absolutely no money on fast food or restaurants. We ate only what I cooked/grocery store food. Do you know I saved over $600?!!! We’re a family of 4 and it was shocking how much we were blowing on convenience foods every week!

  13. The first few times I used my slow cooker my meals came out tasting blah! And it’s been shelved ever since….But that beef roast meal is enticing enough for me to dust it off and try again! 🤪

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