3 Delicious Soup Recipes


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  1. I love your channel. It's such a delight to see your fresh healthy recipes. As a working person sometimes I wish they could magically appear on the table. And I had no idea we could make in the go soups too,gives me great inspiration to eat healthy at work:) thanks a lot

  2. I made the Pho… Wow! Couldn't find the pho broth so I just used vegetable broth. It was incredible. It was so quick and easy. Definitely adding this recipe to my go to list.

  3. Hello Sara Lynn! I wanted to know if you have a preference of flour mixes and/or flour-water mixes over cornstarch. I heard that cornstarch is better as sometimes flour does not cook through or gluten allergies may be an issue. Could you let me know your perspective? Thanks! PHO FOR THE WIN!!! ~Cheers, Michael Black

  4. please share tradional polish beetroot cold soup and saur cucumber soup.they are so good. I wish to share with others and you are the best person to ask the favour 🙂

  5. Love these , but don't think we can get Campbells broths here in the UK.  Love all your recipes – now a committed subscriber after seeing you on the ASAP Science YouTube channel 🙂

  6. I'm really pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a single squash carrot or pumpkin based soup. I feel like there isn't much you can do about the second one in terms of making it less spicy but still vibrant. I love spicy but most of my family can't handle it so when I cook, I have to add the spicy on my own.

  7. Hi from Portugal 🙂 just love your chanel 😉 just one question, here we don't have those broths. can you give a suggestion on how to susbtitute them ?? Thanks :-*

  8. Where can i find the campbell pho broth? 🙁 i really want to make this, but it doesnt sell in my supermarket. If it online, i feel weird buy food online :/

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