3 Delicious French Fry Recipes | #Modifry


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  2. Fries are my favorite food,too! I love these recipes and can't wait to try them. Your channel is amazing and I really enjoy watch you cook. My husband and I are empty nesters now so it will be exciting to try these new recipes. We only eat seafood so thanks for mentioning substitutes for the meat choices. Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes with us all.

  3. I love your recipes ? even though I'm not good at cooking, your videos always motivate me to cook ?
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us ? 

  4. Funny thing that i'm Greek and i have never heard Greek seasoning before. I gotta say tho' i liked it ( checked in your website) but i have to say more than half of these ingredients, a Greek person would use in a recipe , preferred to be fresh than dried

  5. ads like this on YouTube drive me nuts….the day I have a career or life that revolves around a potato, potato byproduct or involves calling a potato "sophisticated" you can kill me….the world will be a better place because of sophisticated fries….

  6. The Greek fries look great! My store doesn't sell McCain Fries. I'm wondering what they taste like. My hubby loves my herb, Garlic fries with steak, but I like to dip my fries in ranch.=) If I'm having a small bowl of fries then I'll melt some cheese over the top. My all time comfort fries are carne asada fries.

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