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  1. Do you eat the whole plate you served? Or is this a few meals to munch throughout the day? Not sure of serving size, please help. I’m new to your site, but sounds amazing to mean as I’ve never been a big meat eater. Love, love Mediterranean foods, but willing to try raw. Do you never crave warm meals? Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your effervescent energy!!!! This totally motivates me and helps me feel more confident with transitioning from vegan to raw vegan and agh. So happy. So excited <33 thank you so much!

  3. ……frozen peas that have been thawed….same can be said for the corn. You can eat raw corn, but it doesn't look like that when you cut it off the cob, and they don't just pop off like that. I have also taken fresh peas from their pods…..they don't look like that either.

  4. It's not cheap to eat raw if you are trying to change the food into regularly eaten dishes like Alfredo. But if you are just eating a plate full of fruits and veggies like you are on an island, it's very cheap and healthier but not for everyone. I am starting my raw vegan life today and intend on just eating everything as it is. I'll make wraps and salads and stuff like that and make some salad dressings but that's about all. I won't be doing this blender stuff and making fully raw "burgers" or "tacos" or fully raw " cheesecake" those are mimics of food I'm trying to get away from. But like I said MY decision isn't for everyone. My logic is just eat things as they are because that's how they were made and it's for a reason. I don't see how food that is grown from the ground naturally wouldn't be enough for us to live on just as it is. But I love what FullyrawKrisrina is doing to show how you can mix it up a bit, been following her for years and will be using her juice, salad dressings and smoothie recipes when I want something different. But I'm KISS (keep it simple sweetie) with this raw vegan thing. blessings!

  5. Hello! Really want to try RawTember next month. Question. How do i get raw pease and corn? if they are tinned are they no heat treated or cooked? Any help extremely helpful, thanks.. Love your Videos! Peace

  6. Oh Man!! Can't wait 2 try all 3! Embarrassed 2 admit this, but I'm timid with measuring. Could u give approximates 4 the cauliflower recipe-sre, I no I'll get btr. Lol

  7. You eat a lot of food for one person. It's weird when I don't go to Boston's Haymarket on a Saturday morning to get fruit & veggies for the week ahead. I cannot afford fruit & veggies for one week any other way. Then I'm left having to fast & eat all kinds of food that I don't feel very good after eating, but I am very able now to understand what my body is telling me about what I eat. Fruit is really a satisfying meal. When I eat a non-fruit meal, my body is strangely hungry & craving, even after being full, & saying: where's the food. What have you just fed me? This is not food. lol

  8. I like how you show recipes that don't require a high-speed blender 🙂 I don't have one and can't afford one. I think I'll be trying the lettuce wraps tonight 😀

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