3 Delicious 5 Minute Vegan Meals – Healthy Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner Recipes


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  1. LOVE this video!!! Some vegan recipes are too daunting to fit into my life if I've never tried them before, and these are so quick, can't wait to try them out.

  2. i wish i could enjoy a 3 meal day plan like everyone else but no matter how hard i try i just cant eat. 3 healthy meals a day instead i just eat one meal a day but i do snack on fruits and stuff but i just wish i could eat breakfast but i cant get used to it

  3. Your vegan recipes are some of the best i've seen!! <3
    I've been vegetarian/vegan-ish for about three and a half years now and for the longest time I felt so great, but lately i've been loosing weight out of nowhere and feeling a little bit weak and my skin is paler and drier than its ever been. I have no clue what happened and it's so discouraging! Your videos have given me so much inspiration for new recipes to try and things to keep in mind when i'm cooking. I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet 😉 Thank u!! xo

  4. I got so many ideas from this video! I completely agree – nut butter is the best part of oatmeal 🙂 and I am determined to find those stuffed grape leaves at my Trader Joe's this weekend!

  5. i've always seen those dolma's in trader joes and I always wondered if they'd be as good as the fresh ones. haha. Next time I'm there I'll pick them up! 🙂

  6. A couple of things you should know that I didn't mention in the video: 1. Adding cacao powder to your oats is kind of an acquired taste so if you've never had it before, I recommend using a sweeter. The reason I don't sweeten it very much is because I'm used to the bitter dark chocolate flavor it adds and I really like it, especially when paired with berries and dried fruit (such a good combo!) It's worth trying though because cacao is high in antioxidants and it's a great superfood to add to your diet so don't be afraid of it, just add some maple syrup or agave until it tastes the way you like 🙂 2. Use a slotted spoon when layering the veggie soup into the spaghetti squash so it doesn't get toooo soupy. A little broth is good, it acts as a sauce on the spaghetti squash, but to much could be too liquidly. Hope that's helpful for you guys! If you try any of these recipes, tag me in a photo so I can see! xo Nicole

  7. Those tolmas made me eager to eat some for lunch since my mom made them for the holidays. Imo she makes the best! And the longer they stay the better they get mmmm. I think you would also enjoy another vegan tolma variation that we typically during holidays in my culture but it can definitely be made any time. If you're interested search pasus tolma. It's a cabbage stuffed with different beans and bulgur

  8. I grew up eating homemade grapeleaves,we have our own grapevine. My fav way is heating them and sprinkling with lemon. Often to we make our own yogurt, and put a dollop on top. (milk substitute yogurt)

  9. out here on the East Coast we don't get that eggplant hummus at Trader Joe's, but I would love it if we did Kama even more so if it was organic. I know it's not. As far as those Dolmas go, I just think they're a little too early.

  10. I truly love your vegan recipe videos! I have to add cacao to my oatmeal 😊 looks great! I've made spaghetti squash before, however I just made a traditional pasta sauce and veggies. I would love to try your vegetable soup and spinach on top though!

  11. Omg grape leaves are LIFE! I get them everytime I go to any Greek restaurants. I love how easy and refreshing these ideas were. Another awesome video beautiful 😘🤗😄

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