3 Breakfast Recipes || 3 Lunchbox Ideas For School Or Work


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  1. Hi, Payal, you never forget to add veggies and fruit, that's really healthy. Really good ideas for the bread, most of the people here just take bread, butter and cheese or sausage for a sandwich…boring… I seldom use this soft bread, prefer whole grain bread of sour dough, without any 'puffing' ingredients, the same with noodles and flour in general. When I started to do this in 1981, that was difficult and I had to buy a mill for the grain and made my bread, cake and noodles myself, now you can buy real organic whole grain food in almost every supermarket. But the most important food for me are veggies and fruit. You really have a talent to show how to do 'tasty' videos, everybody can follow easily! Wish you a tasty day❣Love and thanks, Monika

  2. hi Payal like yr receipe thank u so much for yr outdoor videos I live in Mumbai very hectic city to watch yr place is happy and soothing to the eyes and heart it nice to see new places it makes the video very interesting to many like me 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. wow…all theses recipes are awesome nd healthy , very nice nd quickly ready lunch, it's very usedul for me , good idea's, u made me hungry , definitely will try all, thanks for sharing this recipes, great work mam…😘😘❤👍👍

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