3 BACK-TO-SCHOOL VEGAN BENTO BOXES | Back to School Lunch Ideas | Healthy Lunch Ideas | The Edgy Veg


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  1. I have the "lunchables" style meal for lunch very frequently. My fave "cheese" is the Chao brand creamy original style, or the Follow Your Heart/Earth Island provolone style. For the "meat" I like Yves veggie pepperoni (its great cause you don't have to cut it up) or Tofurky peppered slices

  2. Hi Candice, thank you for the video ideas.  I will say that I am currently a non-vegan eater.  Although I have some really good vegan friends, I was always turned off by some of the radicals for trying to convince me about their thoughts about meat-eating, and I always felt turned off by their approaches rather than remain open-minded about becoming a vegan.  That being said, I do enjoy vegan foods and have been to numerous vegan restaurants and tasted a lot of delicious vegan meals near Chicago and in Northwest Indiana and South Bend, IN.  These recipes look really delicious, and I will have to try a few of these recipes to keep my nutrition plan fresh and exciting.  I love your personality and your goofy demeanor.  It's nice and refreshing to see someone advocate their vegan lifestyle while still keeping it fun and exciting.  So this is more of a thank you response for giving me new ideas.

  3. Help please…

    I have a 4 year old and 99% vegan and when I put here diet through cronometer I get the correct amount of cals and most of the proteins but the minerals ad vits are lacking.

    Can someone share a link to a video where a parent is raising there kids vegan and then show the cronometer stats so I can see the best combinations and get some ideas OR can anyone create the perfect combination on cronometer for a 16kg 4 year old.


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